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[World of Warcraft] Get the Lucky Yun Mount and Imp in a Ball Toy!

by MMO Archive
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Get a mount and toy with a purchase of a 6-Month Subscription.

Imp in a Ball

Players who purchase a recurring 6-month subscription will not only get the Lucky Yun mount for World of Warcraft, but also receive the Imp in a Ball toy* to use in Burning Crusade Classic. This fel-infused toy can tell your fortune as you make your way through the shattered lands of Outland!

Those who have purchased a recurring 6-month subscription after February 2, 2021 will automatically receive the Imp in a Ball toy. Please visit our support article to learn more about claiming this toy.

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Lucky Yun

With the same 6-Month Subscription offer, you also get the Lucky Yun** mount at no additional charge. Take this ox by the horns and be prepared to meet your good fortune in Azeroth and beyond. In addition, Lucky Yun is also available as a separate purchase in the Blizzard Shop and World of Warcraft in-game shop.

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*Toy not available in modern World of Warcraft® Classic or modern World of Warcraft®
**Mount not available in World of Warcraft® Classic.or Burning Crusade Classic®.

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