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[World of Warcraft] Burning Crusade Classic: The Dark Portal Opens Today!

by MMO Archive
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The time is nearly at hand to step beyond the Dark Portal and into the shattered realm of Outland. 

 With our Burning Crusade Classic survival guide, you ARE prepared.

Make your choice to fight for the Horde as a blood elf or join the Alliance as a draenei.

Honor System Updates for Burning Crusade Classic

With Burning Crusade Classic, players will experience an updated Honor system. Learn how obtaining gear and ranking up is different than WoW Classic in our overview. [Learn More]

Burning Crusade Classic: The Story So Far

Prepare to re-enter the Dark Portal by brushing up on the major events of the Warcraft story that led to Azeroth’s armies stepping foot (or hoof!) into Outland. [Learn More]

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic Resources

Burning Crusade Classic provides players the opportunity to go beyond the Dark Portal to face the fel forces of the Burning Legion, but no one needs to go it alone. We’ve gathered some of the best resources from around the community to help. [Learn More]

Playing Ahead: Making Choices in WoW Classic

With the release of the pre-expansion update, players can now make a choice between continuing to play on WoW Classic or progressing into Burning Crusade Classic. [Learn More]

Enhance Your Burning Crusade Classic Experience with the Dark Portal Pass and Deluxe Edition

World of Warcraft®: Burning Crusade Classic™ is just around the corner. Get the Dark Portal Pass and Deluxe Edition starting on May 18. [Learn More]

Return to Outland on June 1 in Burning Crusade Classic

World of Warcraft®: Burning Crusade Classic™ will launch globally on June 1. Wherever you live and whatever path you choose to take, you can be part of one global adventure beyond the Dark Portal. Visit our original announcement to learn more about when you can expect the launch in your location.

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