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[World of Tanks] Special VE Day Offers

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Cromwell B

A medium tank made famous by the “Desert Rats” in North Africa, for fighting through the D-Day landings, and the Allied thrust into France and Germany. Take advantage of this Tier VI's
impressive mobility, feared gun, and great scouting capacity.


modification of the IS-1, this 1944 model was used extensively in the assaults on fortress cities of Budapest, Breslau, and Berlin. The Soviet heavy comes with good all-around armor and high damage per shot. Stay close to the action and reap the benefits!


A veteran of Berlin, this formidable tank destroyer boasts amazing DPM, good camouflage values to close in on its prey, and a good top speed just in case it tries to escape.

M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII

The Thunderbolt was a Sherman under the command of Creighton Abrams.
Make use of the strong frontal armour, quick-firing 76 mm cannon, good DPM, and gun depression angle of 10 degrees.

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