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[World of Tanks] Special Offer: Defender & 3D Bogatyrs Styles

by MMO Archive
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Today, the Object 252U Defender returns to the Premium Shop! This heavy tank takes huge chunks out of an enemy's health, but a low rate of fire and not-so-great accuracy means you've got to get up close and personal for each of those devastating shots to count! Along with the Defender, you can also pick up the Bogatyr 3D styles!

Many tales of Slavic folklore revolve around these brave bogatyrs as they are warriors of immense strength, courage, and bravery. They slay dragons, rescue princesses, and protect their motherland against evil. The most well-known and most heroic bogatyrs were the witty Alyosha Popovich, the courageous Dobrynya Nikitich, and the steadfast Ilya Muromets. Be sure to pick up the 3D styles based on them today!

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