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[World of Tanks] Crew 2.0: Join the New Sandbox Test!

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The structure of the Training Plan itself has not changed, but we have revised the content of some skills to make it as similar as possible to the current system. For example, the new Safety Measures skill now combines the effects of several old skills at once. Thus, a crew with new skills will not lose its combat performance relative to the old one—it will often be more effective.

  • During the previous test, many of you pointed out that there wasn’t a Commander's bonus, so we brought it back under the Mentor skill, which is available to all crews by default.

As before, it will add 1% to the major qualification of all crew members (except the Commander) for every 10% of the vehicle handling and is rounded up.

  • Also, after conversion, each crew, even a newly recruited one and regardless of its level, will have two other skills by default: Sixth Sense and Triangulation (currently known as Sound Detection).

The Sixth Sense perk will continue to work for all crews, and you don’t need to train the Triangulation (Sound Detection) skill, which warns you about incoming fire of enemy SPGs. Triangulation will trigger when an enemy SPG fires and will help determine the direction of incoming shots.

Thus, all new crews will have three basic skills by default: Mentor (current Commander's bonus), Sixth Sense, and Triangulation.

  • When converting crews, the XP of zero perks will be taken into account.

This was one of the most discussed topics of the previous Sandbox iteration, so we took your feedback into account and came up with the following solution: When converting an old crew to a new one, there will be no difference between the trained and zero skills when calculating XP. As a result, you’ll receive an Instructor and crew that are equal in combat performance to their current counterparts.

  • The maximum number of Skill Points within the Main Progression of a crew has been increased from 75 to 80.

As a result, you’ll be able to train eight skills, which will increase the combat performance of the crew. The amount of experience required to achieve the maximum level has not changed and corresponds to five skills in the current system. Crew progression bonuses (discounts on training, Instructor slot, etc.) are now bound to other levels.

In this the new system, a crew of one member with one zero skill and four other fully trained skills will receive the maximum level (Level 80) after conversion. A crew of one member with two zero skills and three other fully trained skills will also receive the maximum level upon conversion.

  • When a crew reaches Level 80 (maximum) of the Main Progression, it can’t be further trained using Crew Books.

This step puts all players on equal footing—those who previously could speed up training in the Elite Progression (Professional Expertise) using Crew Books with those who didn’t have the opportunity. However, you’ll still be able to use Crew Books to train crews within the Main Progression.

Moreover, after a crew reaches the maximum level in the Main Progression, players will be able to further train the crew using Free XP. This is a valuable game resource that requires a lot of work to be earned in battles, and we want you to be able to use it as you see fit.

  • The maximum bonus to vehicle handling from the Elite Progression has been reduced from 21% to 15%.

We made this decision to balance the increase in crew performance throughout its entire training progression.

  • The Instructor concept has been improved upon.

First, note that Instructors have been renamed since the first test:

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