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Gara Prime: Update 30.3.0
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[Warframe] Sisters of Parvos: Hotfix 30.5.4

by MMO Archive
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Today is the day, Tenno! TennoCon 2021 is here and is starting at 12:30 PM ET over at One last hotfix here before we start the festivities and we’ll see you then.

Weapon Changes:


  • Favourited friends now move to the top of the invite screen!

  • Updated Yareli’s Sea Snares description to include the increase of 5 water globules.


  • Fixed accounts being unable to login if they had more than 1 vendor purchases with cooldowns expiring in the same login.

  • Fixed functionality loss when clicking through Ergo Glast’s Tenet Offerings too quickly.

  • Fixed Headshots dealing double damage if it bleeds over from Shields to Health.

  • Fixed Hounds giving only 100 Mastery per level instead of 200 Mastery per level.

  • Fixed a Traded Sister (therefore Converted) not starting at the expecting Star Chart node.

  • Fixed Specters/Hounds not needing to be killed if a Host migration occured at the start of a Sister showdown Railjack mission.

  • Fixed the “Eliminate the Target” objective not updating after you’ve Vanquished or Converted your Kuva Lich until you kill a Thrall.

  • Fixed receiving unsellable duplicates of Sister Ephemeras that created Inventory clutter with no way to remove.

    • In a future Hotfix Sister Ephemera duplicates will be removed from Inventories – Spring cleaning!

  • Fixed Grineer Arc Traps not dealing damage when Yareli is on Merulina.

  • Fixed Mods or Energy pickups being Vacuumed not being picked up if Yareli’s Merulina was cast at a precise moment.

  • Fixed inability to start a K-Drive race while on Yareli’s Merulina.

  • Fixed cases of Pistol projectiles going the wrong way when fired on a K-Drive.

  • Fixed Transferring to the Operator while standing beside Volt’s Electric Shield resulting in auto picking up the Shield.

  • Fixed Kuva Lich/Sister Vanquished rewards lingering in the End of Mission screen for missions played after the successful showdown.

  • Fixed inability to Chat Link Corrupted Holokeys.

  • Fixed the Hexis Left Arm Plate not aligning properly on Gara Prime.

  • Fixed another case of the new Syndicate Emotes looking weird on Operators.

  • Fixed “Available Sessions” window showing Legendary Rank 1 players as MR31.

  • Fixed Hovering over a player that is Mastery Rank Legendary 1 in the Trade screen stating Mastery Rank 31.

  • Fixed Railjack Crew members playing erroneous transmissions.

  • Fixed the Falcor quick throw losing velocity when hitting anything.

  • Fixed friendly AI not being able to use the Tenet Envoy.

  • Fixed the Tenet Grigori’s disc not being destroyed on client.

  • Fixed issues with Yareli’s Noggle missing some attachments.

  • Fixed Lavos and Hildryn being able to roll Energy-based Helminth Invigorations.

  • Fixed Venari being unable to Heal players properly.

  • Fixed Corpus Security Nodes having too much health after a Host Migration.

  • Fixed the Railjack ‘Kill Commander’ objective not updating after being killed.

  • Fixed the Kompressa’s disarmed model being the Stug.

  • Fixed an issue with K-Drive stats showing red when it should in-fact show green as a positive change (Jump Charge).

  • Fixed inability to change The Arbiters of Hexis Chest Plate Energy colours.

  • Fixed certain Glyphs not tinting with player UI themes in the Squad icon menu.

  • Fixed the opened Map disappearing quickly after opening it in Captura.

  • Fixed a script error when casting Khora’s Venari ability.

  • Fixed a script error when using the Archwing Slingshot.

  • Fixed the Foundry trying to start or claim jobs twice even though you only pressed the button once.

  • Fixed Yareli getting knocked off Merulina even when Primed Sure Footed is equipped.

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