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[Warframe] Nightwave: Nora’s Choice: Update 30.6.0

by MMO Archive
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1) The forward artillery cannon will instead fire the weapon equipped on the railjack's turrets when seated by the host of the session.

2) If you build melee combo with Weeping Wounds/Blood Rush/the Gladiator set bonus, use Naramon's Power Spike to maintain your combo, switch to an exalted melee and hit at least one enemy, and then let the exalted weapon's combo duration reset(either on its own over time, or using a heavy attack), you will lose:

  • The Gladiator set bonus applying to the exalted melee
  • Weeping Wounds, Blood Rush, and the Gladiator set bonus applying to your melee weapon, even if you still have some combo remaining on your melee weapon

To regain WW/BR/Gladiator, you must either use a heavy attack on your melee weapon to lose all of your combo and start over from zero combo, or wait for Naramon's Power Spike to drop you to the previous combo multiplier(e.g. With a combo multiplier of 5x at 97 hits and Body Count equipped, it takes 17 seconds to drop you to 92 hits, another 17 seconds to drop you to 87 hits, another 17 seconds to drop you to 82 hits, and another 17 seconds to finally drop you to the previous combo multiplier of 4x at 77 hits; in total, you must not use melee for 68 seconds to regain the effects of WW/BR/Gladiator(again, alternatively, you can also reset your entire combo with a heavy attack and start over from zero combo))

3) Eidolon lures will sometimes still move after being commanded to hold position; noticeably when equipping archwing to quickly grab another lure mid-fight with an eidolon while commanding the charged lure to hold postion.

4) If you use your melee weapon at all in a mission, the blocking animation for your exalted melee weapon, breaks.

5) We still teleport back to Umbra upon Transference instead of vice versa.

6) We still don't have a feature to disable Umbra's Sentience passive via a toggle in our arsenal for the players who don't enjoy its gameplay.

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