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Gara Prime: Update 30.3.0
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[Warframe] Gara Prime: Hotfix 30.3.2

by MMO Archive
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  • Missed Change: You can now use Emotes in Sanctuary Onslaught missions!

    • We’ve also fixed the entire Gear wheel being usable – just Emotes, Simaris said so!

  • Changed a parameter related to rapidly throwing your Glaive to put it back to the way it was before Update 30.3.

    • The update accidentally introduced a work in progress version of something that wasn’t ready yet.

  • Improved graceful handling of DirectX 12 crashes that may be caused by OBS Studio.

  • Renamed the “None” Dojo Backdrop to “Default Backdrop”.


  • Fixed inability to board your Railjack after purchasing the Railjack Instant Access Pack until you visited a Dry Dock or relaunched the game.

  • Fixed inability to use an Emplacement (Railjack Pilot Seat, etc) until someone else interacts with it after you’ve exited it.

  • Fixed inability to purchase Bonewidow In Action Glyph nor the Voidrig In Action Glyph from Loid wares in the Necraloid Syndicate.

  • Fixed inability to see the full selection of Quests in the Codex if your game is set to Turkish.

  • Fixed Attachments appearing different on equipping the default Gara skin on Gara Prime.

  • Fixed the “Hide Owned” in Dojo Backdrop Research Panel not functioning.

  • Fixed missing “Toggle Prime Details” option with the Loki Verv Skin.

  • Fixed bad Syandana placements on the Loki Verv Skin.

  • Fixed visual flicker when equipping a Pet immediately after Maturing.

  • Fixed unnecessary extra row in the Operator Skin Color selection.

  • Fixed a script error when dying in Arbitration due to a Status Effect.

  • Fixed script errors when trying to open the sort menu with a controller in the Clan/Friends screen.

  • Fixed a script error when changing a MOA Companion’s Emotion Module.

  • Fixed a harmless script error that could occur in the Plains of Eidolon during a Host migration.

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