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[Swords of Legends Online] The SOLO Team Answers Your Questions

by MMO Archive
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Is your immortal soul burning with questions about Swords of Legends Online? We’ll be there to answer them all during our big Ask Me Anything on Reddit!

When does the AMA start?

  • CEST: 5th July 2021, 7 AM
  • EST: 5th July 2021, 1 AM
  • PDT: 4th July 2021, 10 PM

How does the AMA work?

Head over to at the time shown above to ask our SOLO team whatever you like – live! The event will last roughly two hours.

Who’ll answer my questions?

Members of the SOLO team from developers Wangyuan Shengtang and publishers Gameforge will be on hand to answer your questions. Use the opportunity to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Swords of Legends Online first hand!

More details can be found in our announcement on Reddit. Please note that the AMA will be in English.

See you there!

The SOLO Team

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