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[Swords of Legends Online] The First Raid Is Here!

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Swords of Legends Online is opening its first raid! Join the action, fight your way past 6 challenging bosses, and rake in the rewards!

The Xuanjiu Jade Palace

You’ll find the entrance to the raid at the southern end of the Zhongnan Foothills, near the Nine Dragon Waterfall.

Up to 20 players can enter the Xuanjiu Jade Palace together, with a minimum of 10 immortals required.

Since the Xuanjiu Jade Palace is such a tough challenge, we only recommend the raid for players who have already cut their teeth on hard dungeons and got all their gear up to level 60.

Reap the rewards – each boss drops some cool loot each week, including new level-75 items!

The raid will be available immediately after our weekly server maintenance and can be unlocked once per week. The Xuanjiu Jade Palace is reset every Thursday at 6:00 AM (server time).




Good luck!

The SOLO Team

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