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[Swords of Legends Online] New Cosmetics

by MMO Archive
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On 15th July (10 AM CEST, 4 AM EDT), the Crimson Coin Shop in Swords of Legends Online gets its first update! Look out for tons of great new offers bringing summer flair to Shenzhou:

  • New costume in four delightful pastel shades. The costume unlocks a special ‘Play with the Fireflies’ emote, which surrounds your hero in a cloud of fireflies!



  • The Phantom Crane is a brand-new flying mount, taking you over lakes and valleys to enjoy a view of the world from above.


  • Also, look out for an array of housing items to spruce up your home in the clouds. Always wanted to build your own tea garden? Well, now you can!


  • We’ve also got some beastly headgear, including dangerous-looking horns and cute animal ears. What’s it gonna be?





The SOLO Team

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