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[Swords of Legends Online] Look Amazing in SOLO Beachwear

by MMO Archive
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Enjoy an immortally great summer with the perfect beachwear, a cool weapon skin and some summer housing items!

New in the Shop

This offer is available in the shop until 2nd September (6 AM server time):

  • Dress up in various coloured beachwear and really get that holiday feeling. The beach costume will be unlocked for male and female characters and added to your wardrobe permanently!


More Offers

The following offers are available permanently in the shop:

  • Give your weapon a fresh look – the Formless: Empty Forest weapon skin provides an icy blue sheen.
  • Stand out from your neighbouring islands with a Diorama: Crane with Flowers, Diorama: Yanling Tree or one of many other fantastic decorations.



The following items will be removed from the shop:

  • Dark Pavilion Creek
  • Lotus Jacket
  • Black Clothing of Antiquity
  • Golden Plumage
  • Mystery from the South
  • Snow at Dawn
  • Glowing Tundra Rider
  • Gentle Spring Sunshine Tassel
  • Young Knight
  • Water Memory

If you have already purchased the items, they will of course remain available to you.

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