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[Star Trek Online] STO shares some epic Klingon heavy metal

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It’s time to bang your bumpy, circlet-adorned, honorable combat-loving head. Star Trek Online was apparently in the mood to rock when singer/songwriter Jason Charles Miller and actress Mary Chieffo unleashed the song Steel and Flame, a metal ballad in the game’s House United update that describes L’Rell’s return and rise to power within the Klingon empire and her war against the Mad Emperor J’mpok.

Is it a weird flex if L’Rell herself sings about her accomplishments? Considering Klingons, probably not.

Chieffo talked at length about recording the song and her thoughts on the character of L’Rell in an interview, and it all reads like someone who is truly enjoying their work.

“It was such a thrilling email to get. I’ve always loved singing. […] I tend to ask, ‘What is needed of this song? Okay, this is the kind of rock star vibe that we need.’ And the Klingon vocalization caters to it as well. I just wanted it to be as badass as possible and as epic as possible and that was the way to sing it.”

The song first premiered about a week ago but has since been more officially released with its own hard rocking music video. You can take that all in after the break.


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