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[Star Trek Online] PC Patch Notes for 6/3/21

by MMO Archive
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  • Resolved an issue that was preventing various New Romulus missions from being replayable.
  • Resolved an issue with the “Universal Designs” Starship Trait which could cause its bonuses to expire prematurely when triggered by certain Consoles.
  • Resolved an issue with the console “Bombing Run” to now correctly trigger the “Universal Designs” Starship Trait.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause “Faulty Section 31 Holo-Disguise” items to end up in unintended inventory or equipment slots.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the visual FX for the “32c. Refit” phasers to display as green instead of blue while under Fire At Will.
  • Greatly improved the consistency of powers that modify Universal Consoles, such as the passive on Console – Universal – Cutting Tractor Beam and Unconventional Systems.
  • Improved Symbiotic Ice's bonus to Beam Weapon Damage from 2.5% to 6%.
  • Temporally Displaced Newspaper now offers a few new articles to peruse.

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