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[Neverwinter Online] Neverwinter’s Bard class and level-squish arrive to PC in Jewel of the North on July 27

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Neverwinter players have known for a while now that PWE has been working on a bard class and the new leveling system, but today, it’s getting a formal patch announcement – and a launch date. Jewel of the North is officially launching on PC come July 27th, though console players will be waiting until “fall.” The patch includes the two big tentpole features plus quality-of-life tweaks including the tutorial revamp and new Adventures system. The bard, however, is definitely the crowd-pleaser.

Neverwinter: Jewel of the North will introduce the new stylish Bard class, based on the popular Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition class,” the studio says. “Players who choose the Bard class become daring heroes who possess the ability to weave magic into their swords, use music to inspire allies, manipulate minds, and even heal wounds. With the ability to select one of two unique Paragon Paths — the swashbuckling, close-ranged damage dealing Songblade path, or the master musician, ranged-casting Minstrel — players will find that the new class offers an arsenal of unique abilities that are based on the power of music.”

Gamers have been more ambivalent about the leveling overhaul that essentially flattens and abbreviates the game’s progression curve.

“One of the major changes is the new streamlined leveling system which follows the beloved system found in Dungeons & Dragons, as the max level cap in Neverwinter will be changed from level 80 to level 20. With this change, new and returning players are able to reach epic-level content much faster (in approximately 10-12 hours) — while veteran players will be able to have the option to quickly level up their alternate characters, and have even more players to party up with to take on challenging quests. Players mid-way through leveling will be boosted to level 20, and for those who currently have max level characters, all of their stats and item power levels will remain the same; the only change is their character level will now be set to 20. All existing players are eligible for a new gear pack which can be claimed via the Rewards Claim Agent.”

We spoke to PWE a few weeks ago about the leveling squish; you can check out our interview right here. PWE Lead Designer Randy Mosiondz told us that the primary goal is to get players to the game’s newer endgame content more quickly.

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