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[MapleStory] Lapsed Character Clean-Up Update

by MMO Archive
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Attention Maplers,

As we announced previously, we will be cleaning-up a number of characters on accounts that haven't been logged into since December 15, 2016, during our June 9, 2021 update. While we are proceeding with this, in response to your feedback and out of respect for the effort players have put into their characters, we have adjusted the criteria for removal to the following:

  • Lv. 35 or lower (was Lv. 61 or lower).
  • Have not logged into the account since December 15, 2016.
  • Are not Guild Leaders, Alliance Leaders, or have unclaimed cash items within the Auction House.

If you wish to preserve characters that still fall into the cleanup criteria, simply log into your account once prior to the June 2021 update, and they will be unaffected by this clean-up process. Please note that this process will also free up a number of character names that can be used by other accounts, once the characters have been cleaned up.

Thank you,

– The MapleStory Team

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