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[Lord of the Rings Online] The devs talk housing improvements and hook consolidation

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Housing may not be at the forefront of Lord of the Rings Online’s feature set, but believe it or not, there are some very passionate people about making homes in Middle-earth — both on the side of SSG and the community. In a new interview at Deco du Milieu, the devs fielded many questions about the state and future of LOTRO’s housing, and it’s definitely worth reading if you’ve been pulling for improvements in player dwellings.

The good news is that SSG isn’t short on thoughts for this system, as the studio says it has a “15-page document full of ideas.” Some possibilities floated included a second slot for standard housing, weather effects, smaller premium houses, multiple music tracks, and adding new rooms to your house.

Something that is in the near future is hook consolidation: “We’re greatly reducing the number of different hooks available to a more general type of hook for interiors and exteriors. After the hook consolidation, you’ll have wall hooks, furniture hooks, and floor hooks, but some distinction will remain, like the one between wall hooks and furnitures.
The hooks consolidation update should happen before or with our Gundabad expansion.”

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