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[Genshin Impact] Teleportation Furnishing Incoming~ | Developers Discussion – 6/30

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Today Paimon had a chat with the developers~╰(*°▽°*)╯ Let's see what they have in store for us~

Q: It would be great if we could teleport between different isles within our realms.
A: In the next version, Travelers can exchange for the teleportation Furnishing “Sub-Space Waypoint” in their Realm Depot. After placing the Sub-Space Waypoint in their realm, Travelers will be able to move easily between different locations within, making it more convenient to enjoy the scenery of each area.

Q: When will Paimon be able to enter the Serenitea Pot? I want to see her in there.
A: It has been noted by the developers. Paimon will be able to enter the Serenitea Pot in a future version~

Q: Will it be possible to choose our Daily Commissions or choose their region (Mondstand/Liyue) the day before? All I get is “A Small Step for Hilichurls” or other “Hilichurl Ballads.” I could use a break from them.
A: In the next version, we will be adding a feature which will allow Travelers to choose their Daily Commission region. Travelers will be able to choose their preferred region, such as: Mondstadt, Liyue, etc. Once a region is chosen, Daily Commissions will be concentrated there the next day after refreshing.

Q: Will I be able to grow vegetables or flowers in the Serenitea Pot? —Developers Discussion – 4/17
A:(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ The developers are already working on it. Please stay tuned for a sneak peek livestream!

Q: Will there be a higher load limit for the Serenitea Pot? —Developers Discussion – 5/24
A: The developers increased the outdoor load for the Serenitea Pot in Version 1.6. In future versions, we plan to further optimize the load limit. Furnishings that are used multiple times should take up less load.

Q: Will you add more emoji packs to the game?
A: The addition of more emoji packs is on our to-do list. In future versions, we will include 2 to 6 emoji deliveries from the “Paimon's Paintings” collection, and Travelers will have plenty of cool emojis to use while chatting with their friends~

Q: Why isn't my Kaedehara Kazuha getting the Elemental Mastery bonus from Sucrose?
A: In order to avoid infinite stacking of in-game bonuses, when an effect confers one attribute as a certain percentage of another attribute, this effect will not then factor into calculations of other similar percentage-based effects. We included an explanation regarding this issue in the loading screens in Version 1.3.
For example, Sucrose's Ascension Talent “Mollis Favonius” grants all characters in the party (except Sucrose) an Elemental Mastery bonus equal to 20% of Sucrose's Elemental Mastery. This  is an example of an effect that confers one attribute as a certain percentage of another attribute. Kaedehara Kazuha's Ascension Talent “Poetics of Fuubutsu” grants all characters in the party an Elemental DMG bonus proportional to his Elemental Mastery. The Elemental Mastery value used to calculate this Elemental DMG bonus does not take into account the Elemental Mastery increase granted by Sucrose's Ascension Talent.
For example, in a party whereby both Kazuha and Sucrose have 100 points of Elemental Mastery each, Sucrose takes advantage of her Talent, thus granting Kazuha an Elemental Mastery bonus of 100 × 20% = 20 points. Kazuha's Elemental Mastery therefore increases to 120. But if Kazuha triggers a Swirl reaction, which in return activates his Talent, he obtains an Elemental DMG bonus of 4% (and not 4.8 %).
Without this restriction, if we added another effect in the future that would read something to the effect of “the entire party's Elemental Mastery increases in proportion to the target's Elemental DMG bonus,” or “the entire party's Elemental Mastery increases in proportion to the target's Elemental Mastery,” the effects would stack up infinitely.
It is also worth mentioning that bonus effects conferred by characters or equipment that directly increase attributes by a certain value (as opposed to a percentage), such as the effect granted by four pieces of the “Instructor” artifact set, Albedo's Ascension Talent “Homuncular Nature,” and the effect triggered by the catalyst Sacrificial Fragments are not affected by this restriction.

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