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[Eve Online] New Abyssal Proving Grounds – The 2v2 Gnosis Gambit

by MMO Archive
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Gallant Capsuleers,

A new Abyssal Proving Grounds event opens up from 21 May, running through to 25 May at 11:00 UTC. This event consists of 2v2 battles using the ever-customisable SoCT battlecruiser, the Gnosis.

With the ability to fit and use nearly any weapon system, the last thing to expect in these duels will be a mirror match.

Limitations for this round are:

  • Ships limited to only the Gnosis
  • Modules limited to meta level 5 and below
  • No pirate implants

As always, Proving Filaments are required for participation, collected from Abyssal Deadspace loot drops or bought from the in-game market.

Your performance can be tracked on the Proving Grounds leaderboards, so get out there, win some unique prizes, and bring prestige to your name!

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