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[Eve Online] CSM 16 – Live Candidate Announcement!

by MMO Archive
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Curious Capsuleers,

It’s that wonderful time of year – CSM season is well underway! We received over 50 applications for CSM 16 and we’re making the final preparations to announce your amazing and talented CSM 16 candidates.

Tomorrow, Thursday May 20 at 18:00 UTC we will officially introduce you to the candidates LIVE on CCPTV. While this will be the first meeting of the CSM Candidates, worry not – there will be many opportunities to learn more about the CSM 16 candidates during the campaigning period (20 May – 4 June), both on CCPTV and through several prominent EVE media sources.

The CSM is an incredibly valuable resource for us here at CCP, and we can’t wait to take these first steps with you toward CSM 16.

See you there!

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