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[Elyon] Elyon Closed Beta 1 Game Guide

by MMO Archive
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We are thrilled to finally be able to show you the amazing world of Elyon.
To prepare you for the maiden voyage, we’ve gathered some useful information to help you.

Please note that some contents are available only at certain time windows!

Account and Character Names

After logging into the game and selecting a server, you are able to set your account name.

Your account name is universal for your Elyon account and will be displayed for your house, clan information, and friend list.
Account name is also the same in all servers, so we suggest you choose your account name carefully. 

Account name can consist of both alphabets and numbers, and must be between 1 to 12 characters.
However, you cannot use spaces and special characters.

After you’ve selected your character’s class, race, and gender, you can name your character.
Character names are unique to all servers, so cannot be used by another character.
Character name represents your character throughout the game, so take care of how you name your character.

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After the fall of the kingdom, the remainder of the forces were divided into two realms.

 – The Vulpin. Noble leaders who strive for honor and greater cause.
 – The Ontari. Brave idealists who wish to open the doors to a new age.

After you choose a realm, you can fight against the other realm on the continent of Harth.
You choose your realm after choosing your server, and you cannot change your realm once you make the choice.

All other characters you create will automatically be a part of the realm you choose.


After the tutorial, you begin your adventure at different locations in Harth depending on your realm.
Based on the world map (M), the North is the realm of the Ontari, and South, the realm of the Vulpin.

Realm War

Realm War is a massive battle content that lasts for 40 minutes and has up to 200 vs 200 per region, with a total of 1,200 participants.

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The realm to achieve a total score of 500,000 first or the realm with a higher score at the end of the time limit wins. Individual rewards are also given depending on their contribution.

You can earn points by healing wounded NPCs, capturing a Manamech Factory,
destroying enemy strongholds, and defeating enemy NPCs.

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Defeating the enemy Lieutenant Commander is worth 20,000 points, so they should be considered a main target of your assault.

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Point Acquisition and Amount

TypeMethodObtained Score
Heal Treat Injured Soldiers100
Players Defeat Player Adventurers200
NPCs Defeat Stronghold Combatants10
 Defeat the Stronghold Vice Captain30
 Defeat the Stronghold Captain150
 Defeat the Lieutenant Commander20,000
Destruction Destroy a Simple Stronghold250
 Destroy a Stronghold500
 Capture Take Over the Manamech Factory250
OccupyOccupy and hold Stronghold,
Simple Stronghold, Manamech Factory
to receive points over certain intervals

Types and Schedule of Realm Wars

Realm War takes place at 3 locations at the same time, and there are a total of 4 rounds over Saturday and Sunday.
Please note that Realm Wars are only done in Channel 1 of each server, and you cannot cancel once you join the battle. 

Please refer to the schedule below.

Types of Realm War

Each location has a maximum cap of 200 vs 200. You can join from level 38, and the recommended item level is 250.

 – [Ontari] Windy Plantation / [Vulpin] Jerem Marshlands
 – [Ontari] Malignant Boundary / [Vulpin] Executioner's Front
 – [Ontari] Colossus Plains / [Vulpin] Steel Highland

Schedule per Round

Realm War opens on Saturday and Sunday for 4 rounds, with 40 minutes per round. Please see below for the detailed schedule of each region.
(You can participate the Realm War once during CBT1)

EU Sat/Sun
16:00–16:40 (CEST)
22:00–22:40 (CEST)

NA Sat/Sun
15:00–15:40 (PDT)
21:00–21:40 (PDT)

How to Participate

Before the Realm War begins, a popup UI will appear at the top right of your screen.
If you were unable to join the Realm War, you can still head to the battle area and participate, but will not receive any rewards via this method.

Usable Structures and Vehicles

Below are structures and vehicles you can use during the Realm War.

Manamech Summon

When you capture the Manamech Factory in the below regions, a Manamech your allies can control will be summoned at certain intervals.
 – [Ontari] Windy Plantation / [Vulpin] Jerem Marshlands

60 seconds after capturing the Manamech Factory, 2 Tank F-IV Manamechs will be summoned every 2 minutes. Make good use of them.


Dragoncaller Horn

Use the Dragoncaller Horn in the below regions to summon and ride the dragon.
• [Ontari] Malignant Boundary / [Vulpin] Executioner's Front
• [Ontari] Colossus Plains / [Vulpin] Steel Highland

When you meet certain conditions in the above regions, the Dragoncaller Horn will appear.
Interact with the horn by pressing [F] to summon the powerful Dragon, Ifrit.

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Ballista and Howitzer

You can find Portable Ballista or Howitzers in front of Strongholds and bases.
Interact with them by pressing [F] to use and move around on them.

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Giant Manamech

Giant Manamechs move around the battlefield and attack enemy players or NPCs.

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You can’t directly control these, but they are powerful weapons, so make use of them by luring enemies into their line of sight.

Fighter's Medal

Fighter's Medals are rewards earned from Realm War wins, losses, and individual rewards.
You can exchange these with the Logistics Officer, who appears after the last round of Realm War, for various items.
For the overall victor, the Victorious Logistics Officer will appear, while the losing side will summon the Vengeful Logistics Officer.
They sell different items with varying prices. You can purchase items from Victorious/Vengeful Logistics Officers


Clan War

Clan War is a 10 vs 10 battle between clans where 20 players fight to activate Mana Diggers in various parts of the map to obtain a higher score.

The clan to capture more Mana Diggers in 5 spots of the map to accumulate 1,500 points first wins.

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How to Participate in Clan War

To participate in Clan War, you must first select the fortress you wish to participate in.

Fortress Selection: until Sat 18:00 (CEST)
Clan War: Sat/Sun 19:00~21:00 (CEST)

Fortress Selection: until Sat 09:00 (PDT)
Clan War: Sat/Sun 18:00~20:00 (PDT)

Clan Fortress

All clans that wish to participate in Clan War must select a fortress.
Clan Masters can select the fortress.
The Clan War will be contested by all Clan who participate in the Clan War regardless of which fortress they choose.


Runestones and Rune Attributes

Runestones are magical stones that give you skill attribute points when added to equipment.
Depending on their color or level, they can grant Rune Attribute points or special abilities.

You can use Runestones and Rune Attributes to empower your character to your playstyle.

Runestones, which need to be the same color as the slots, can be socketed into Runestone slots of equipment items.
However, Transcendent Runestones and Balanced Runestones can be inserted into Runestone Slots of any color.

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There are 7 types of Runestones:

Assault – Offensive
Control – Crowd Control
Fate – Effect Chance
Support – Ally Support
Protection – Defensive
Awakening – High risk, high return
Balance –  Has no Rune Attribute, but has general usage.

They each have different colors and give different benefits.

Polish and Upgrade Runestones and equip them to acquire Runestone points, which in turn can activate Rune Attributes.

You can unlock new Z key skills by reaching
level 6 (48 points) for Control, Fate, Support, and Awakening.

Mana Awakening

When you reach level 35 and complete the Blooming Power quest, you get to use Mana Awakening.
Mana Awakening allows you to strengthen the characteristics of your class and further customize it.

Mana EXP is required to obtain Mana, and can be earned from various activities, such as defeating monsters at Dimensional Portals.

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There are 3 starting points to Mana Awakening: Hurl. Mentality. Agility.
You can use a different Ultimate skill for each of the starting points.

You can also link into other nodes via routes in the path you take.

Node related to damage increase, cooldown decrease, and etc. of projectile skills.
Node related to Energy Recovery, Skill Attribute Points increase, and Ultimate skills.
Node related to Energy decrease for Evade and Dash, and other effects.

Each node has 3 Transcendent Mana Awakening, but you can only select one.

Hall of Honor

Hall of Honor is a static PvP content, consisting of Training Field, Battlefield, and Arena.

TypeContentsLevel RequirementRewards
Training FieldTraining Field – 1-player35Runestones
BattlefieldCastle of Demons – 6-Player35Trophy of Honor
Medal of Honor
Battlefield Reward Box
Gold, EXP
Manamech Factory – 3 vs 339
Battle Gulch – 3 vs 340
Arena1 vs 135
2 vs 235Trophy of Honor
Medal of Honor
3 vs 335

Battlefield and Arena do not have item level restrictions, and matchmaking disregards realms.
Battlefield is available only on certain days and time windows.
Hall of Honor can be found below the minimap at the top right of your screen. Click the icon to open the UI.



There are 3 types of Battlefields where you can test out your strategies and prowess, regardless of realm.

Matchmaking opens up on certain days and time.
You can earn rewards up to 6 times a day in the Castle of Demons, and 3 times a day for Manamech Factory and Battle Gulch.

BattlefieldOpen Day(s)Open Periods
Castle of DemonsSatEU (CEST)


Manamech FactoryThu / Sun
Battle GulchFri


Laurel Wreaths

Laurel Wreath of Greed

Laurel Wreath of Greed grants you a buff that rewards you with extra loot from regional monsters for a certain period of time, but disables your access to Quests, Dungeons, Dimensional Portals, and allows you to attack and be attacked by allied players.

Laurel Wreath of Greed are hidden as objects at outside locations.

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When you interact with a wreath, your character turns into a wraith and your screen turns red. When you die in this state, your EXP and equipment durability decreases.

Normal players can attack and defeat the wraith turned players and take the buff from them. If you wish to get rid of the buff, simply right click the Laurel Wreath of Greed buff at the bottom of the screen.

Judgment Colossus

Judgment Colossus are gigantic monsters you can encounter in Conflict Zones.
We recommend raids of at least 20 players to defeat these powerful bosses.

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There are 4 of them and they appear at certain intervals:
Kudra at the Windy Plantation, Hamira at Executioner's Front, Tielga at the Colossus Plains, and Elkia within the Mana Wall.


Only players of the same Realm can receive rewards for defeating a Colossus,
so it is crucial to fight these while keeping the opposing realm at bay.

Random Boxes are given as rewards to the participants of the winning realm.
These can give you the best gear as rewards, so we recommend you participate whenever you can.


You can receive equipment, gold, and various items as rewards from dungeons.

You can receive up to 4 rewards from Solo, Party, and Time Attack Dungeons,
with the reward limit reset everyday at 02:00 CEST / 17:00 PDT.

Normal DungeonSolo Dungeon– 4 rewards per day (reset everyday at 02:00 CEST / 17:00 PDT)
– You can enter Party Dungeons via Auto-Matchmaking or as a party
Party Dungeon
Time Attack
Time Attack
– Obtain a Time Attack Entry Item from the normal version of the dungeon
– Completing a Time Attack Dungeon will also deplete the daily reward limit
Field DungeonSandy Foothills– You can enter from the field map and requires a Sandy Foothills Reward Box Key to receive the reward

Normal, and Time Attack dungeons can be entered via the Dungeon UI.

Dimensional Portal

Dimensional Portal allows you to visit locations other than Harth to collect various resources.

The Dimensional Portal to other worlds.

Since they are other dimensions, you can only visit for a certain amount of time.
You can acquire various items and Mana Awakening EXP.

You can go to each of the portals via the Portal menu at the right side of the screen.
Each portal gives you different rewards.

Portal NameUnlockMonster
Open Time
Dragon GardenLv. 35 [Portal Unlock]

An Experiment for Utopia



Odin's Sky IsleLv. 38 [Portal Unlock]

Hometown of the

Lv. 40 [Portal Unlock]

Resources of the
Underground Temple


All Dimensional Portals share the time limit, which resets on a weekly basis, but you can visit them up to 7 hours total during the CBT.

You cannot enter them once use up the time limit.


Your House in Elyon is a personal space where you can produce, craft, and do various other activities.
When you reach level 36 and complete the quest “The First Step for Pioneers”, you receive the most basic House as reward.

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Normal and Luxury House

The first house you receive is a Normal House that exists in an instanced area.
You can access your house via the icon on the top left of the screen or by pressing [Home].

Luxury Houses, on the other hand, are houses in various locations of Harth,
which can be visited by going to where they are located, in addition to the above method.
However, the owner of the house can differ by channel, even if they are in the same location. 

Luxury Houses can be located on the Map [M] by selecting the Luxury House Location option.
Zoom in on the map to see where these houses are.


House Decoration

When you first receive your Normal House, it will be decorated with basic furniture.

There are various furniture available from Achievement rewards and Landscape items available via special seeds,
or you can purchase them with Housing Tokens.


You can trade the items you’ve made at your house through the Sky Merchant Guild.
Check the prices of the items you wish to sell to make profit from your items.

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