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[Elyon] Elyon CB1 Details

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Today marks an important day in the history of our service – after a long time of planning and preparation, we’re excited to finally see you try out Elyon!

The CBT1 servers will open today at the following times:

CBT1 OpenMay 6 12:00May 6 14:00May 6 08:00May 6 05:00
CBT1 CloseMay 10 08:00

May 11 08:00

May 10 10:00

May 11 10:00

May 10 04:00

May 11 04:00

May 10 01:00

May 11 01:00

If you haven’t already done so, you can download the CBT1 game client here.

Sat, May 8

Sun, May 9

Realm War16:00 CEST15:00 PDT
Sat, May 8

Sun, May 9

Clan War19:00 CEST18:00 PDT
Sat, May 8

Sun, May 9

Clan War20:00 CEST19:00 PDT
Sat, May 8

Sun, May 9

Realm War22:00 CEST21:00 PDT

MMORPGs can be challenging to navigate through – for this reason, we’ve prepared a game guide for CBT1 players in order to ease your introduction to the game content.

Go to CBT1 Game Guide

Players that participate in the closed beta test will receive exclusive items on the official game release!

CBT1 Tester TitleLogin in-game during the CBT1 period
Jetboard R MountLogin in-game during the CBT1 period
CBT OutfitSubmit feedback on the CBT1 survey

Join us every day from Thursday May 6 until Sunday May 9!


Event #1 – Character Creation Contest

Event period: May 6 – May 9

Do you think you have what it takes to be Elyon’s highest valued character? Then join our Character Creation Contest to make that official! 

Create your character, take the perfect screenshot and upload it to our #CharacterContest on Discord to get a chance to win CBT2 access, the full game, and an exclusive character portrait.

Full details can be found on our Discord server. 

Event #2 – Fly High Through The Sky!

Event period: May 6 16:00 UTC – May 7 16:00 UTC

Let’s leave Harth’s grounds for a bit to get some fresh air! Your Wingsuit is needed for this challenge and the overall idea is pretty simple: fly as fast as you can from Point A to Point B to reach the top 50 and receive a legendary grade Golden Wings Wingsuit!

Event #3 – A Song Of Fire and Snow

Event period: May 10 07:00 UTC

Elyon's CBT1 will be coming to an end! How did you enjoy it? Show us by demonstrating your new items! We look forward to seeing you in and around Crescent Molar Foothold (Vulpin) or Sunmane Foothold (Ontari). Let’s end our first Closed Beta Test with a bang!

Looking for a place to talk about Elyon? Join our Discord server!

Thank you for showing such interest and excitement for Elyon. See you in-game!

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