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[Elyon] Dungeons & Portals

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Dungeons and Dimensional Portals were a great success during CBT1, you all enjoyed it to the fullest. As mentioned before, especially Dungeons are the content that you are looking forward to the most. Let’s talk about what to expect on those topics during CBT2!


Updates on Dungeons

Dungeons are now divided between Solo Dungeons and Party Dungeons. Solo Dungeons can be entered on any day of the week, while Party Dungeons will have a daily rotation. In particular, Party Dungeons can be selected from 1 to 5 difficulties according to your level. This means that you will be able to learn the strategy and plan on how to take out that difficult boss more easily.

In addition to Solo and Party Dungeons, there are some more dungeon changes. There are Transcendence Dungeons that will increase in difficulty step by step as you level up, Time Attack Dungeons where you will get better rewards the faster you complete it, and Field Dungeons that can only be entered through a portal located in the field.


More Dimensional Portals

In addition to the Dimensional Portals you have already experienced during CBT1 such as Dragon’s Garden, Abandoned Underground Temple, and Odin's Sky Isle, get ready for the new challenges and battle experiences.

Dimensional Portals that will be added are Wraith Monastery, Black Mecha Basin, Sandstorm Valley, Nousgard Hunting Grounds, Exile's Isle, and Chaos Fortress.

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We are adding a hunting ground to some Dimensional Portals, and if you participate in them you will receive a reward for clearing that area.

In a recommended Party Portal of 3, up to 3 of you will be able to get the exact same reward. If your party is bigger than 3, the rewards will be distributed according to the contribution of each one of them.

If you are looking for a 3 player party adventure, the recommended ones are Sandstorm Canyon: Death Valley, Nusgard Hunting Area: North Basin of High Wind, Southern Plain of Maparam and Dragon's Garden: Shadow's Auditorium.

When it’s just the 2 of you, you can visit Pink Trumpet Colony, Dragon Root Vine Forest, and Corridor of Petrification.


What do you think about these updates? Come hang out with us on Discord to let us know!

PS. We are preparing more and more fun content for CBT2 as well… so stay tuned.
We look forward to sharing more news soon.

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