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[Black Desert Online] All-New Black Desert TV! Today, Black Desert TV has been newly revamped! Jun 8, 2021 (UTC)

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Hello Adventurers!

I’m [GM] Edan, and I’m here today to share the news about the all-new Black Desert TV!

Black Desert TV lets you see the live streams of Adventurers worldwide across a variety of platforms in one, convenient place. And today, Black Desert TV has been newly revamped!

If you’ve never used it before or are unfamiliar with it, keep on reading to learn all about Black Desert TV. 🎉

■ Partner Streams


As soon as you enter Black Desert TV, your eyes will no doubt be drawn to this feature! It allows you to watch the live streams of Black Desert Partners in one place.

Instead of having to look for them one-by-one, you can easily find all the live Black Desert Partner streams right away!

■ Live Streams


This is where you can find all the Black Desert live streams currently being streamed. You can search by languages (English, German, French, or Spanish), or search “All Languages” to see all the live streams worldwide by Black Desert streamers.

If you ever want to see what an Adventurer from Thailand is streaming, try out this feature!

■ Highlights


All the stream highlights in one place!

Perfect for catching up with today’s awesome stream moments.

■ Black Desert Partners


This is where you can learn more about the official partners of Black Desert here. You can also check out their Youtube and Twitch channels as well.

■ Becoming a Black Desert Partner

As you watch the many Black Desert streamers, maybe the thought of becoming a Black Desert Partner Streamer comes to mind?


If so, go to the [Become a Partner] button at the top-right of the Black Desert TV main page, and you can apply to be a partner!


* The fields marked with a star must be filled out, while the rest are optional.

Fill out all the required fields, including your Family name, playtime, channel, etc., and press “Apply!”

Once you submit your application, the Black Desert team will review it, and will invite you as a Partner Streamer if you fulfill all the requirements.

Since we’ve gone over the all-new Black Desert TV, aren’t you curious to check it out for yourself?

Now then, let’s go to Black Desert TV together!

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