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[Black Desert Online] Accounts Restricted for Violating Operational Policy/Terms of Service (June 3, 2021) (UTC)

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Greetings Adventurers,

We, at Pearl Abyss, strive to ensure the fairness and integrity of Black Desert Online's gaming experience. Any gameplay that violates our Terms of Service or Operational Policy not only has an adverse impact on the game's health, but it also negatively impacts the balance of the game's systems, which may in turn affect the experience of other Adventurers. In order to safeguard Black Desert Online, we will impose the penalties and measures stated in the Terms of Service or Operational Policy against any violators of the aforementioned terms/policies.

Please refer to the Terms of Service and the Black Desert Operation Policy for more information.

▶ Black Desert Terms of Service

▶ Operational Policy

Please refer below for additional details.

Accounts restricted for violating the Operational Policy

– Restriction Date: June 3 (Thu) 2021

– Restriction Content: Unauthorized program use/macro use
– Restriction Duration: Permanent

– List of Restricted Accounts


* Performing an exhaustive investigation and verification of game data regarding abnormal gameplay takes time. As a result, there may be a delay before action is taken against violators of the Terms of Service/Operational Policy. We ask for your patience as we ensure any game restrictions we impose are justified and supported by evidence.

* The Characters and Families of restricted accounts may no longer be searchable through the Find Adventurer function on the website.

* If you wish to appeal an account restriction, please contact us via [Support] to report it.

* If you encounter or discover any gameplay that is in violation of our Terms of Service or Operational Policy, please contact us via [Support] to report it.

We would like to extend our appreciation to our community for your continued efforts to help improve Black Desert Online.

Thank you,

Pearl Abyss Black Desert Service Team

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